Our Student Stories


Absolutely, cancer is brutal. In battling it, we have to be fierce while combating it with awareness and education.

Hot yoga and yin yoga poses along with the heat lubricated each joint and fiber of my body promoting healing specifically where there were scar tissues and inflammation due to repeated chemotherapy.

Through the continuous breathing exercise, Ujjayi breath, while doing Hot yoga I was able to regain full strength in my radiation weaken lungs . As result of my diagnosis, I had to undergo double mastectomy along with lymph nodes removal. Hot Yoga sequence brought mobility, flexibility and movement back to my body.


Since getting into Bikram Yoga in November 2014, I have lost approximately 60 pounds! After suffering a major knee injury in 2013, I tried the conventional rehab process with little success. With my knee problem I was having difficulty being active, my weight spiked and physically I was kind of a mess. I was looking for a low impact workout as a way to rehab my knee and lose weight. I had tried Bikram Yoga 10 years earlier, so I figured I’d give it a try.

Not only has Bikram Yoga been instrumental in helping me lose 60 pounds, it has helped improve the overall condition of my knee. Coupled with the increase in my overall strength and flexibility, Bikram Yoga practice has had a major positive influence on my overall physical well being.


Suffering from horrible insomnia while on Ambien, religiously counting calories, going organic, being gluten free as a celiac, having already had one back surgery and looking down another, on medication for rheumatoid arthritis, than add depression, I was lost, sad and feeling hopeless.

With 40 just a month away, I woke up one morning and decided to go cold turkey from sugar after watching a documentary at the being of August 2015 and days later started Bikram Yoga five times a week. Getting into gym clothes and standing in front of that mirror for 90 minutes for me, was much harder than staying in the room and doing every asana, in fact it was miserable at first.

In the nine months since though, I’m free of all medications, haven’t seen a depressed day or anxiety in 8 months, and have lost 85 pounds so far (have 15 more to go)! Sharing and seeing these pictures side by side at 230 pounds (size 18, taken in July 2015) and than at 145 pounds (size 7) has really opened my eyes to the changes and makes me crave Bikram. I’ve since taken up stand up paddle boarding, outrigger canoeing, cycling, and just completed 540 miles of hiking on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Without Bikram Yoga, I truly believe that none of that would have ever been possible and never do I miss and opportunity to praise Bikram Livermore and all their staff for constantly supporting, encouraging and helping me realize that I can do this!


They say that yoga adds years to your life and life to your years. I never understood the meaning of that phrase until I found Bikram Yoga. I decided on a whim to give hot yoga a try one day after walking past the Bikram Yoga Livermore studio. It had always been on my bucket list and what harm could it do? After a few classes, however, I started to recognize a change happening within me. My migraines (for which I had to medicate daily) were quickly dissipating and are now gone. I experienced more energy during the day. After years of miserable insomnia, I was starting to sleep well through the night. My back and neck weren’t in constant pain anymore. I experienced renewed health and my quality of life significantly improved, all within a few months of beginning a practice which I previously thought was a little far-fetched and unimportant. How wrong I was.

This studio has been a shelter from the storms of life and a time out from the daily stresses that plague us all. I’ve learned that although yoga certainly improves physical health, it can also serve as an incredible source of peace. Yoga is more than just stretching. It’s a way of life and a state of mind. It provides a path toward introspection which is so vital for mental health and self acceptance. Practicing regularly has enabled me to be mindful and present in whatever situations I’m given.


After high school, I quit playing team sports and gained a lot of weight. I was unhealthy and out of shape. I immediately joined a gym near my house and started cycling. As months went on I didn’t notice a lot changes in my body until I started practicing Bikram yoga. Not only did yoga help me physically it helped me mentally as well. After each yoga class I felt truly happy, and my body was craving for healthy foods that would keep me well nourished. Eventually, the studio introduced Inferno Hot Pilates and I was hooked. After each Hot Pilates class, I felt stronger in my yoga practice. These classes made me a healthier and happier person, which ultimately inspired me to teach hot Pilates.

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