Joya Studio Etiquette


  1. Arrive Early.

We understand that time is valuable for you and others.  We try to begin classes on time and end them on time as well so that you can plan your day accordingly.  A good rule of thumb is to arrive at least 15 minutes early so that you can set up your matt and prepare for class.

  1. Turn off your Electronics.

Phones, wrist watches, iPads—anything that dings, rings, or buzzes—should be turned off before class and properly stowed in the locker rooms or cubbies outside the studio space.  Not only do you not want to distract others, but you want to be totally present in class without the outside world demanding your attention.  In addition, the HOT ROOM is not a safe place for these devices as there is ample humidity and high temperature that will affect their function over time.

  1. Be Aware of your space.

Be aware of where you’re placing your mat so you don’t sit yourself directly in front of someone else. It is common courtesy to stagger yourself so that the person behind you has a clear view of the teacher.  All yogis are treated equally in all of our studios, Front Space and Back Room space is open to all regardless of seniority.  If you are beginner, we highly suggest that you place your mat either in the middle or back rows so that you can watch the students in front of you if you loose pace with the class.  This, however is not a requirement, just  a friendly suggestion.

  1. Clean Up

We pride ourselves on maintaining very clean studio spaces, but we ask for you help in maintaining this.  If you have used any of our props, please put them back where you got them after you are done.  If you have a sweat puddle, please wipe your space with a towel after class is done.

  1. Getting PUMPED UP!

We implement a team sports type environment in our Pilates and Cycle classes and would encourage our students to motivate each other in a positive & Supportive manner during class.  This, however does not apply to our yoga classes.  Etiquette for Yoga Class is listed below.


  1. Quiet Please

The studio space before and after any yoga class is used for meditation, reflection and a few moments of peace for all. Please respect this by either siting or lying in silence and meditation.  Many students relish practice as a time to turn inward and become centered, and the time in the studio before, during, and after class is to some a sacred time to ¨stay on your mat.¨

  1. Practice Mindfully and with Focus

Many yogis use the studio for different reasons. What happens outside the studio, stays outside the studio. Gossip, angry complaining, and negative attitudes are best left for the gatherings around the water cooler at work. Instead, being gentle in voice, movement, actions, thought, and attitude respects those who come to yoga for a safe, uplifting, truthful environment.

  1. Head Faces the front and Feet Face the back wall.

When laying down for  shavasana, some people spin around so that their feet are facing away from the teacher and their head is pointing toward her. This is  done to show respect for the teacher and for the practice.

  1. Ask Questions after or before Class – Not During.

When class is in session, the teacher is focused on leading all students through a specific set of postures.  While teachers may periodically stop and give adjustments to specific students, it is common courtesy to either hold your questions until after class ends.  If you are unsure about a certain posture, simply sit out the posture and join in on the next one.

  1. Namaste

Often, at the close of class, the teacher will bow his head and say “namaste” to the class. If it moves you to do so, you would respond with “namaste” back. You may notice the other students around you saying it as well. Namaste is your teacher’s way of saying he honors the divinity in you. Your saying it back says you honor the divinity in him too.

Spread Peace and Love.

Hopefully, your focus in class has little to do with etiquette and rules and much more to do with gaining a better understanding of both the practice and yourself. Most likely, you’ll feel a great sense of invigoration, peace, relaxation, and inspiration after class. If this is the case, there isn’t a better way to show gratitude to the teacher and honor the practice than to spread this sense of peace to others throughout your day.


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