Joslyn’s Journey to Joya

Joslyn’s Journey to Joya


Health and fitness have always been a huge passion of mine, and I live a very active lifestyle – always on the move! When the pandemic started back in March 2020 and everything shut down, I was forced to switch up my regular workout routines and got the chance to “reset” and get creative. I realigned my fitness goals and pushed myself out of my comfort zone, which in turn increased my confidence and self-esteem. As soon as Joya reopened, I was ecstatic to get back to in-person classes and feel the sense of community again but still continued my own daily workouts.

My husband knows how important fitness is to me, and really noticed that my passion for it had been reawakened over the past year. He suggested that I pursue becoming a Joya instructor, which took a bit of convincing at first. I got my BS in Kinesiology and coached youth soccer for about 6 years, however, even with qualifications and relevant experience I still feared that I wouldn’t be good at it. I contemplated for a while, but ultimately it was his support and encouragement that led me to take the leap.

It has been an extremely easy transition to instructor since I’ve been a member of the Joya community for a few years now, and I am LOVING it so far. I’m grateful for the opportunity to share my passion by helping others meet their fitness goals, and am looking forward to continuing to learn/grow as an instructor!

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