The business side of Joya

The business side of Joya


If you had told us on March 16th, 2020, that our studios would be mandated closed by the state due to a pandemic for the better part of a year, we would have seriously thought that you are living in an alternate reality.

But here we are, nearly a year later and doing the best that we can to support our community and our staff to the best of our abilities.    Although we have come together to burst through 2020 with hope and perseverance, we are reminded that our business is not immune to the economic downturn caused by government-mandated closures.

At the onset of this pandemic, our best guess would have been that we would be open at reduced capacity at all our locations by August 2020.  As we watched other counties and states open fitness and wellness studios, we were met with the stark reality that we operate in the strictest of all states and the most restrictive of all counties.   The result of which is that we were only allowed to be officially open indoors for the better part of only three weeks during the lockdown.

Joya has pivoted and launched outdoor fitness and an online and on-demand offering that rivals national competitors. Yet, in reality, we have experienced over a 65% drop in memberships year over year that we must overcome to survive.

Our operation never closed. Our core group of instructors pivoted and began online classes when most studios in the area were still lamenting the shutdown and trying to adapt.  We also revolutionized outdoor offerings and worked with our local community to bring our fitness and wellness brand to some very exotic and magical venues.

We built an outdoor heated studio that protected our members from the elements and brought a little bit of our Joya magic outdoors.

The real test of our resilience as a community and business is yet to come.  We face an understanding that the first eleven months of this pandemic are just a warmup for what we will experience over the next year.  As we emerge from the devastating lockdowns, we must be ready to adapt to a new reality that features reduced capacities, restricted formats, and expensive equipment adaptations that will bring any business to its knees.

We will continue to do our best to provide our members with the best fitness and wellness offerings in the east bay. Our community’s support humbles us as we adapt our schedules to these new demands.

We also extend a special heartfelt thanks to all our members that have not only stuck with us side by side throughout the whole lockdown but continue to give us the courage and love to fight on.

Joya is resilient, adaptive, and ready for what’s ahead.

We will persevere.

With love and light,



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