Lessons from Covid-19

Lessons from Covid-19

Yoga is a metaphor for life. The work we put into our practice informs our daily interactions. With the mantra “No judgement!,” our Yoga teachers urge us to release our judgments of ourselves and of the Yogis around us.  As we toil on our mats, a fellow student might laugh, cry, or abruptly leave class. Since their situations are personal and private, we practice tolerance, kindness, and understanding, and focus on our own inner experiences.

Drastic, unforeseen events – like COVID-19 – throw us all of balance. Like many of you, the pandemic completely upended my world and challenged my core beliefs.  Spirituality scholars refer to this type of paradigm shift as a “Growth Period.” COVID-19 has been horrific in many ways, but I encourage you to view this “Growth Period” as a time for reflection, reassessment and self-discovery.

Being forced out of our routines can be a catalyst for positive change. During “normal” times, we follow our daily routines and autopilot takes over. We focus on our to-do lists and neglect our big-picture dreams and goals. As Vedic meditation teacher, speaker, and author Light Watkins says, “I’ve been teaching for many years that growth and evolution happen the quickest in uncomfort, and that we should find comfort in discomfort.”

Extended meditation revealed to me an epiphany: I had become consumed by the actions of others, and had taken up the unhealthy practice of passing judgement on others. Upon making this realization, my energy immediately shifted; I became calmer and better able to rationally assess the mess that COVID-19 has created – not just for me, but also for all of us.

This is a perfect time to apply the lessons we learn from Yoga to our everyday lives. I encourage you to look always for opportunities to learn and become a better version of yourself – even during a pandemic! And, please, always be kind to yourself and to those around you.

As we near our reopening date, please remember that Joya’s mission is to provide a safe and supportive environment where people of all ages, sizes, shapes, genders, religious beliefs, sexual orientations and colors can gather to practice wellness and strengthen the mind, body, and spirit.

Once we enter the studio, we must disengage from our belief systems and surface differences, and come together as ONE, united by our love of the practice.

Join us this Thursday to celebrate our beautiful community, as our amazing Kundalini teachers Jasprit & Julie lead us in a chant for Joy and Peace.

With Love & Light,



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