On Winter Practice and Balance

On Winter Practice and Balance

During the winter months, as the days grow shorter and our To Do lists grow longer, many of us will likely put our health needs on the back burner.

Attending events, entertaining, socializing, shopping and planning consume our time and drain our physical & mental energies. Deprioritizing your yoga, meditation, workout and healthy diet routines might seem necessary to accommodate your crowded winter schedule, but comes with a heavy cost.

Yoga is about maintaining balance and self-awareness at all times. As you approach the winter season, limit your exposure to outside influences that negatively affect you physically, mentally or emotionally. Rather than abandon your health regime, dial it back as you make time for your busier than usual social life. Moderation is the key.

Here are some quick healthy winter lifestyle tips:

  • Try some Ayurvedic practices such as dry brushing or oiling your skin.
  • Get a massage or take a hot bath.
  • Eat healthy and limit the holiday treats that will continually tempt you.
  • Do you usually workout five or seven days a week? Maybe cut down to three.
  • Replace your usual high-octane workout (Inferno Hot Pilates, Joya Cycle, etc.) with a relaxing, restorative class such as Yin or Massage Ball Yoga. Often just a change in activities will energize you!

Lastly, remember the importance of your breath.  Taking a few slow deep breaths can immediately calm your mind and nervous system. For millennia, Yogis have practiced Pranayama, the practice of controlling energy via the breath to harmonize the body and mind. During this time of year, body / mind balance is more important than ever!


With love and light

Audrey Allen


About Audrey:

Audrey is the Lead Yoga Director at Joya’s Studios and has been teaching for over 15 years.  Audrey also direct’s Joya’s 200 Hour Yoga Teacher training.


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