Inspiration and Teamwork

Inspiration and Teamwork


It continues to amaze me to consider that, at inception, Joya Yoga was a small one-studio operation that offered only Bikram Yoga. Just three years later, we have expanded to four locations that offer over a dozen fitness practices!

Many factors have contributed to our success: Hard work, research, trial and error, resilience, lots of number crunching, amazing partners and mentors, and an occasional lucky break.

Most of all, though, inspiration has been the catalyst for the magical Joya journey: it is the irresistible force that continually propels Razi and me to create, expand, and innovate, to find new ways to inspire more people to improve their lives through fitness.

Our ability to achieve that lofty goal relies heavily on the staff that we have very carefully assembled; in selecting our team members, we look especially for those who are unusually passionate about fitness and devoted to inspiring others to get fit.

We recently asked some of our management staff to tell us what inspires them:


Alex R, Joya Strength Lead:

“My inspiration comes from many places, but mainly from fear. When I can make the leap and overcome my fear of whatever lies ahead, I always grow and learn something about myself . Whether it’s facing an especially challenging workout, or making myself vulnerable in communication, fear inspires me to overcome barriers and that’s where the magic happens. I strive to find comfort in being uncomfortable. That’s my inspiration.”


Amy A, Joya Studio Manager:

“What inspires me? The overweight, under-confident, shy, old, sick, or limited student who braves a Bikram yoga class. During those 90 minutes they have no other choice but to meet themselves where they are and work within their limits and imperfections. That takes true courage, strength and self-love. Those students are my heroes.  They inspire and humble me, and give my teaching a purpose.”



Nidhi H , Joya Operations Director:

Originally from Investment Banking sector, but I have always been inspired to living a healthy lifestyle. Joya is a beautiful community which attracts people from different culture, background, age etc. with the aim to achieve 1 Goal – “Healthy Lifestyle”. I am inspired by the Love and friendly atmosphere with all (instructors and students) at the studio and outside. I am inspired by virtue of my communication and work, I can make the JOYA experience seamless and enjoyable. The variety in different forms of exercises for all fitness levels offered at JOYA excites and inspires me.


Ally B, Joya Yoga Lead

I am inspired by acknowledgements that fitness leads to Physical as well as mental change.  Physical health and outside appearance are often in the spotlight, and mental health often gets pushed to the back burner.
I am inspired by people who dedicate time for self-discovery. I am inspired by those who use the techniques they learn at Joya to experience life with less stress and fewer limitation. It inspires me to be more appreciative of the different pathways each of us takes to achieve physical, mental, and emotional wellness.

Emily M, Joya Student Care Lead: 

 I’m inspired by people’s perseverance. Seeing others overcame challenges despite the odds.



Jessee J, Joya Cycle Lead:

“The smiles that constantly greet me at Joya from instructors and students make me so happy. Seeing students grow mentally and physically is incredibly inspiring, as it is to see fellow instructors grow, learn, evolve, and become stronger with every certification they earn! It’s such a powerful sensation that I can’t only see it, I can feel it!”


Jenn G,  Joya Corporate Accounts:

“I am inspired by hearing about people’s mental and physical progress. I am inspired when I see students share their love of Joya with family, friends and co-workers. I am inspired by the community I see gathered together talking, taking classes, motivating each other and having fun.”


I hope that each of you lead richly inspired lives and ignite others with the spark of your inspiration!


With Love & Light,

Deanna, Razi  & Team.




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