Emotional Detox

Emotional Detox

“Life is about emotion.  When we use emotion correctly, it becomes devotion.  When we use emotion wrongly, it becomes commotion.”

When I heard this quote at a seminar from inspirational speaker BK Shivani Verma, it resonated deeply with me and helped clarify the enormous power that emotions can wield.

You see, dear students, in focusing on the mantra to “live in the present,” we sometimes neglect a cornerstone of the human condition: we are emotional beings for whom feeling is every bit as important as breathing. Feelings can raise us up, or bring us down. The key is how we channel our feelings and project them onto others.  The choice is ours.

Negative emotions can become contagious. If I live my life under a dark cloud of fear, anxiety and stress, my negativity will affect those around me: my family, friends, and the Joya community.

However, I choose to:

  • Live fearlessly.
  • Love relentlessly.
  • Give without expectations.
  • Laugh for no reason.


My yoga practice and meditation continually remind me that I can control my emotions, in the same way that I can control my breath.

I live my life by the principle that “I am therefore I feel” rather than “I feel therefore I am.” I will not allow emotions to dictate who I am, but rather understand that emotions are a vital part of my humanity.

May our studios and teachers provide you with all the tools to heal and find your happiness.

With love and light,



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