Sleepless in Dublin

Sleepless in Dublin

Monday night, 11 pm. A day spent running from one task to another and working through my e-mail queue has left me in a reflective state of mind. I step away from crunching numbers,  scheduling classes, and responding to messages to contemplate my personal journey as a studio owner and teacher.

Complacency is the enemy of transformation.

Embracing rather than avoiding the fear of the unknown is a critical first step in personal growth.   Many of our students begin their wellness journeys by trying a Hot Yoga or Hot Pilates class.  A typical response from a first-timer is that the class was too hot or too challenging. After a few classes, though, many students tell me how much they love the heat and love the challenge!

Many of us limit ourselves to our favorite teachers, postures and classes. This can put us into a rut where we stagnate rather than grow.

In my Yoga practice I strive to break patterns and practice non-attachment.  My practice is not connected to the teachers, type of yoga, the heat, the room, the Yogis around me or the postures. My practice flows from within – it is about me.  As Victoria, one of our teachers, regularly states in her Bikram classes: “No Judgments and No expectations.”

Our minds are powerful tools that can heal, enlighten and strengthen every muscle, bone, ligament and organ in our body.  I hold no judgments on myself and I have no expectations for my practice.  No matter who is teaching or what posture I am in, I live in the moment.

Our evolution as a fitness community mirrors our students’ wellness journeys.  We may practice for different reasons but ultimately, we all strive to become better versions of ourselves.

My wish is to help guide all of you on your personal journeys.

With love and light,

Deanna H.



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