Life is A Balancing Act

Life is A Balancing Act

Albert Einstein said, “Life is like riding a bicycle.  To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

Like many of you, I am always on the move. My challenge is to avoid moving so fast that I fall over!

As the owners of a fitness business with two very busy locations, and overseeing a major expansion at our Livermore studio, Razi and I constantly struggle to maintain a healthy work / life balance. The two years we have spent building a loving community of fitness enthusiasts has been a labor of love or us both. Even though we cherish the work we do, it is extremely important for us to occasionally disconnect from our work and reconnect with each other and our daughter Aaliyah.

Many of you have expressed to me that you experience the same challenge.  All of us have jobs, spouses, children, other family members and projects that vie for our attention.  How does Einstein expect us to keep moving without losing our balance?  I’ve come up with the following conclusion:

Movement = Balance. 

I believe that life moves too fast to allow for dedicating a specific time to be with family or friends. I do believe, though, that it is critical to be fully present in mind, body and spirit during those precious moments that we enjoy with our loved ones.

The hectic demands of running Joya require me to answer emails and phone calls at any time; there is no such thing as “after hours” in this business. I can, however, resolve be present whether I am home, at the studios, or with my family.

Dear yogis, I maintain my balance by living in the present and not dwelling on the past or worrying about the future.  Razi, Aaliyah and I managed to get away last weekend to spend some much needed time with each other. Brief respites from work are essential to remind us why we do what we do.  Although we were only away for one day and one night, it felt like much longer. (I confess: We couldn’t resist doing yoga together!)

Please join me in resolving to make 2018 a year of getting closer to a balanced lifestyle.  I wish all of you a happy and balanced year full of love, joy and prosperity. May we all achieve this balance together!

With light and love,



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