Livermore Studio Expansion

Livermore Studio Expansion

When I signed our lease on our Livermore Studio 3 years ago, I honestly did not anticipate the growth that we have had.   As a community of yoga and wellness students, we have both struggled and triumphed together.  All of you must know by now that there is no “typical” hot yoga student. Yoga is for all and does not discriminate by weight, health status, age, race, color or creed.  We are a diverse group of men, women and children of all ages and sizes united under one common cause,  Wellness.

Wellness is a broad term that we use as a society to define the concept of not only a healthy and happy life but a meaningful one as well.  Our mission is beyond just fitness!  Our Yoga and Pilates classes heal and strengthen the body while nurturing the mind. Our workshops have always been intended to offer our students a chance to broaden their horizons and experiences. Our teachers are some of the most educated and established professionals in their respective modalities. The studio has won numerous awards and is the most positively reviewed studio across many platforms.  All this is a result of you, our dedicated student body, who not only believed in us, but promoted our ideas and subscribed to our wellness model.

It is with these thoughts in mind that I am so proud to announce that we are expanding our studio in Livermore to become among one of the biggest boutique studios in Northern California.  We will add the following to our facility:

  1. Additional large state of the art non-heated Yoga Room.
  2. Additional large state of the art Spin & Cycle Studio.
  3. Rooms for various therapeutic massage and healing programs.
  4. Full Service Cafe serving coffees, healthy juices and drinks, snacks and pastries.

Our expansion space has been secured and we are currently working on plans with our architects, engineers and contractors.   Construction will begin shortly and will not impact any of our classes or our current studios. We hope to be ready for operation on the new space by January, but will keep all of you posted on developments as we know more.

As for an update on our Dublin Studio, we are also in the works for an expansion or remodel there as well, and we will keep all of you posted as we get closer to finalizing our plans.

I am very excited for the future of both studios and cannot wait to share the new expanded spaces with all of you..

With Love and Light,


P.S.  If you haven’t see it on Facebook yet, here’s a short video on our official Expansion Announcement.




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