A Yoginis Thoughts on Habits & Life

As Razi and I  sat at our dinner table late into the evening with 2 of our favorite teachers and yogis, we began to discuss habits in Bikram Yoga Class.  Each one of us around the table, including myself professed to a few things that we do in class that we noticed have become habitual in our practice.   Whether it be taking a sip of water at a certain time, taking a mini break prior to Triangle posture or walking out of the room at Savasna to take a “Bathroom Break.”

The conversation then was juxtaposed against the idea that a Bikram Yoga Practice is really a microcosm of our normal life routines.   The habits that we build in the class are usually indicative of habits that we build in our daily routines whether it be at work, at home or with the kids and Family.

Each one of us has a least favorite part of the day, a challenging project at work that seems to get endlessly pushed down the road, or mental breaks that we take while tackling challenging situations at home and/or work.

As you progress in your Bikram Yoga Practice, you inevitably learn that these habits are not only unnecessary but are also distracting to your mind as your body moves through the postures.  The dialogue in class is intended to allow your mind to build a neurological connection with your muscles, ligaments & organs so that over the course of your practice and as you develop into the yoga, your mind becomes one with the body as a whole.  The goal is to clear your mind completely so that all of the neurons and cells within it are focused on one specific task only – Healing.

This discipline is not easy, and in many cases it is the journey to get to this place that is more meaningful than the actual result.  But our challenge as yogis it to understand our habits and deal with them head on.  If you allow the Yoga to take its course, you will face these challenges within class and learn not only how to deal with them effectively, but also apply those same principles to your daily life routines.

Bikram Yoga is about understanding our imperfections and facing them with no judgements.  May we all have the courage to face these head on and become better Yogis and humans.


With love and Light,



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